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featuring my life’s work... my talents... my passion!    

Majestic scenery  on

bathroom walls

Wisteria on glazed garden wall

Secret garden mural for reading room.

Primitive farm scene with quilts can be

painted on wood, walls or canvas.

This tropical scene  gives the illusion of the great outdoors!

English garden scene adorns bathroom walls.

Primitive folk-art scenes on walls, wood, or canvas.

This one is a reproduction of a Rufus Porter  painting.

Scenes from photographs, or from your own imagination!

Marblizing on walls provides an elegant background for this antique dresser made new again.

Text Box: Put a trompe-l’oeil door anywhere!

Custom hand-painted murals on heavy-grade canvas are sturdy, durable, washable & storable, are available in custom sizes and designs to suit your tastes, and can be changed seasonally. They make lasting heirlooms, are available in children’s themes, and can be moved from room to room. Give one as a gift or use one as a floor-cloth! They are easily cut with household scissors!

Your mural can be applied as wallpaper by stapling and adding wood trim, decorative tacks, or hung with braided cord on a rod.

Order yours in custom sizes, colors and designs to suit your tastes or decor, or choose from the photos shown.  No two exactly alike!


A rusted metal sign is partially restored to keep its antique quality,

while preserving this family heirloom.

An old oak cabinet gets  faux-finish in white birch.

Early Cowboys and Native Americans are represented in  primitive-style. Each canvas measures 17 feet in length, and were hung with staples, then framed.

A little girl wanted a princess waiting for her knight in shining armor to approach the castle!

A bit of the outdoors turns this dinette into a year-round flower garden. The walls have areas of color-wash in the background, then  were stenciled and hand-painted with wisteria flowers, and grapes.

Jousting knights are part of the panorama in this children’s playroom.  The remaining walls include a princess gazing from her tower, a lake with swans, a field of forest animals, and a camp of renaissance tents.

A soft nutmeg color-wash adds the look of texture and age to a Tuscany-style kitchen.


Art Reproduction

Original box label

Painted reproduction of label

Original Trout scene from printed material.

Trout reproduced on wood

Peaceable Kingdom reproduced on wood

From printed material……………… painted box!

Early minstrel tambourine painted to mimic the real thing.

Pet Portraits

This picture of Holly Cat was supplied by the owner with

a box containing the

beloved pet’s remains.

Using the ashes, this is the portrait I painted on half-inch plywood. The cat’s I.D. tag was also attached to the painting as a lasting memorial.

Hand-painted fish and corals on a blue glaze.

A brown wall with a gold wash completes an Egyptian collection.

Skip-spackled walls are glazed with a honey gold paint for a Tuscany style.

Faux tortoiseshell columns, gold metallic washed walls and metallic stripes on a honey base-color.

An outdoor pond view from the dinette area.

Archway to a faerie kingdom.

Customer provided research for this Rufus Porter style mural.

Color-washing/Glazing               Stenciling                Ragging

Stenciled circles for a teen bedroom.

A pet portrait is only as good as the photo you provide. Send one color photo in focus for the best results. At right is GAIT’s therapeutic riding horse Laura.



Ragging technique gives discolored cabinets a new  look.


Rounded Rectangular Callout: Pet’s ashes 
mixed into paint

Pet portraits

from $300.00

Call for free quote.


Faux Brick            

Formerly brown, a small sideboard  gets a faux marble top and art work.

An unfinished toy box becomes art!

Hand-painted chickens add whimsy to a country kitchen .

Amish stencil patterns give this antique wardrobe an authentic look.

A crackle finish with hand-painted ivy were the alternative to refinishing a worn and stained tea cart.

Mural Creations

by Patti Dudzinski

Painting in homes throughout

 PA, NJ, NY & Beyond!



Celebrating 25 years painting

murals, stenciling, faux finishing, marbleizing, ragging, sponging, signs, pet portraits, art restoration and reproduction art, the artist offers custom service in the home or out of her studio.

A graduate of Kean College of NJ, she turned from free-lance graphic designer to fine artist.

Hundreds of photographed works may be seen

by appointment.

A custom mural done on canvas can be taken with you when you move! Paintings on wood are the artist’s choice,

but stretched canvas is also available.

Your questions are welcome and  without obligation!